28 Oca, 2019

Reduce the work load of SOC team by investing in SOAR

Every large or small organization are investing in Security Operations Center (SOC) team. But why it’s
necessary? Because Cyber security itself is a vast ocean and to handle and orchestrate it properly
company needs cyber security experts.

SOC team dedicate themselves entirely to deliver and manage the high-Quality IT security operations. In
particular, they aim to protect your organization from data explosion and cyber threats. They also detect
and respond to any type of incident they encounter in the network, endpoints or servers of their

Now that we understood the operation of SOC team, imagine how many Cyber Security Alerts they must
be receiving in a day!!!

It’s just humongous. Every day, on an average a medium size SOC team of 5-7 people, receives around
1000-3000 known and unknown Cyber Security alerts! And practically, its not possible for them alone, to
handle these security alerts.

In return, it greatly increases the daily workload of your SOC team. And as a result, most of the time,
your team is not able to focus on those potential threats which might be harmful to your company.
So how to protect your SOC team from performing this kind of mundane task and let them focus on the
most significant mission critical alerts?

Answer is “By investing in SOAR”
What is SOAR – “SOAR is a term used to describe the convergence of three distinct technology markets:
security orchestration and automation, security incidents response platforms (SIRP) and threat
intelligence platforms (TIP).

In a lay man language, “SOAR helps SOC team, to automatically respond to the most repeated
cybersecurity alerts thereby reduces the work load, human errors and redundancies”.
Invest in SOAR and transform your security operations!!!

You will see significant improvement in your ROI and business value can easily be determined by solving
the hypercritical operational challenges.

So if you want to know more about SOAR technology and how “CyberArts” can help you in deploying the
World’s best SOAR product at affordable cost then email us at [email protected]

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