05 Şub, 2019

How you deal with Incident Response?

We are into a Digital World!!! Every Organization is stepping towards digital transformation. Similarly, cyber criminals are also continuously evolving their techniques of attacks. In fact, cyber threats has been so strong in nature that 2017 is still considered as the historic year for the biggest ransomware attack called “WannaCry” outbreak which has exposed around millions of personal data like name, address, credit card details and so on.

As per AV Test Comparatives “Every day, they register over 350,000 new malicious programs (malwares) and potentially unwanted applications (PUA)”. All this shows “How powerful Cyber Criminals are”.

So in order to deal with them efficiently, it is very much necessary that our IT team should be very strong! But, in reality the story is completely different. Our IT team is not capable enough to handle these outbreaks effectively. It may be due to lack of knowledge or lack of tools, but the fact is our IT team is way behind in adopting the most advanced technologies.

For eg – Still, whenever some cyberattack happens, below are the steps, usually taken by our IT team –

  • Reach out to the Cyber Security Vendor.
  • Log the tickets.
  • Wait for them to contact us back!
  • Once they get in touch with us, answer their hell lot of questions to make them understand your situation.
  • After that few weeks later, Cyber Security Vendor come up with some temporary solution.
  • Finally, after ages, Cyber Security Vendor gives you the permanent solution but till that time your company already loses its brand value & credibility in front of your customers and eventually incurred heavy losses.

So this kind of traditional approach not only makes our IT team helpless but also encourage cyber criminals in succeeding in their notorious plans.

So what is the solution? Investing in “Incident Response Evidence Collector”.

Incident Response Evidence Collector” will help your IT team in taking the image of your infected systems, immediately right after the incident occurs which will in turn help your company in saving weeks of time and money which goes in collecting the evidences by traditional methods but also help in performing the whole activity without the interference of the malwares.

Investing in “Incident Response Evidence Collector” will not help you in reducing the TCO but also helps you in achieving your main objective of resolving the cyber threats in a shorter period of time,

So if you are also serious about the cyber attacks and want to protect your companies $millions then connect with us at [email protected] to discuss more about “Incident Response Evidence Collector Tool.


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