Message From Our Founder

My amateur musical practice has always been an important part of my life. Music, as a great catalyzer, let me bring diverse people groups all together from different opinions, different cultures and different tastes. Furthermore, it has accompanied me no matter I was happy, unhappy, tired or excited. Art has always been in my life through music.

On the other hand, I was interested in Muay Thai. I clearly remember the answer of my master when I kindly asked him not to stop me for every single minor mistake:

Muay Thai is a sport, that’s correct. But we call it Martial Arts. Every healthy person can punch the sand bag, but everyone cannot fight like an artist. There is only one millimeter between the punch that hits the target and the punch that misses the target. This millimeter, makes you win the match when there is a professional fighter not a sand bag in front you. If you want to fight like an artist, you should follow my way.

There was difference between being ordinary and being artist even in a field known as a fight sport. CyberArts brand was born during this class. I have acquired an intense and diverse experience during my professional career. I have always tried to find ways to create work with an artistic approach, add value to the organizations and to make a difference. In 2017, I established CyberArts for passing my experience to other companies and to make Art in the Cyber World.

Erdem Eriş
Erdem Erişin/erdemeris/
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CyberArts Founder & CEO