About Us

As CyberArts, we provide information security and cyber security services to large domestic and international institutions from different sectors such as finance, telecom, logistics, e-commerce, production, construction, technology, service and public.

When making a decision in the institutions we provide consultancy, we take into account the impact of this decision on other business processes and sustainability from the beginning. Thanks to our cyber artists with international experience, we can see the big picture; co-constructing a strategy that will encompass human resources, processes and technologies; We bring together the disciplines of law, governance and cybersecurity. We carry out projects like a conductor, do all our work with the sensitivity of an artist, and become the trusted companions of large corporations in their digital transformation journeys.

On the other hand, as one of the founding members of the Turkey Cyber Security Cluster; We give priority to domestic cyber security technologies that have proven their maturity and have a global vision in all of our possible projects, creating success stories and contributing to the growth of the domestic cyber security ecosystem.