29 Mar, 2019

Does your Cyber Security Arsenal Work?

In this complex, digital and ever-changing World, every Organization has to be effective with their decision of investing in their products especially in the Cyber Security Arsenals. Why?

Because Cyber Security Arsenal are those products which will help the Organization’s Top Management to understand whether they are secure from all those sophisticated and dynamic cyber threats or not!

But the question is, Are Today’s Organization really secured just because –

  • They have invested in the best branded and the costliest cybersecurity product in the World? OR
  • Their cybersecurity vendor has never been hacked in the past with cyber-attacks?

Then let me tell you, they are into wrong impression!

Because gauging their Cyber Security product’s performance basis on the above things shows that their IT team needs clear guidance on “How they should make sure their companies’ investment is not going waste”.

What does this mean? It means only gauging the performance of your Cyber Security Arsenal basis on best brand, never been hacked in the past doesn’t make sense at all because future is unknown to everyone! You never know “When your company is going to be targeted by one of the best hackers in the World”.

In 2018, some of the most famous “Fortune 500 companies” has got hacked and their image has been tarnished in front of the customers! Now the question is why they have been hacked? Is it because they have not spent money on the good cyber security products?

Common let us think rationally they must have invested in some of the best breed of Cyber Security product but still, they got hacked because they have not invested in the “Tool which 24/7 can monitor and gauge the performance of their cyber security products and gives the remediation for the security gaps”.

Now the Question arises – Is there any Tool available in the market? Of course yes, it’s called “BREACH ATTACK AND SIMULATION” product aka BAS. Even Gartner also thinks that Breach Attack and Simulation product is one the most important Proactive Cyber Security solution which every company should install to get protected from the cyber criminals.

BAS is an emerging proactive Cyber Security technology which can continuously simulate the most sophisticated and complex cyber-attacks on to the company’s network and thereby provide the results over the performance of the cyber security arsenal to the top management. It also provides the remediation for the security gaps specific to vendor.

CyberArts – One of the famous “End to End” Cyber Security Consulting firm has partnered with one of the Pioneer and Leader in Breach Attack and Simulation product.

By investing into BAS your IT Team will be able to –

  • Continuously challenge your own security arsenals with the real attacks before Cyber criminals do.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your cyber security product.
  • Identify Security Gaps in Real-time.
  • Take actions in minutes with Industry Leading Mitigation suggestions.
  • Utilize your security infrastructure to its maximum level.
  • Install quickly and get results in minutes.

So what you are waiting for, if you don’t want your company to get attacked and lose their brand image in front of the customers then invest today in “Breach Attack and Simulation Product”.

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